Dear All,

Whilst we’ve had quite a few project volunteers and the school children are arriving as planned, the number of local adults attendees has been disappointing to date. For example, there has been little support for the POW Camps interactive workshops and the 1st couple of Castle digging days.

We are digging for Cuckney Castle this week and next (ie.between 25th June and 7th July). The only non working days are the 2 Sundays. This means that we also have 2 working Saturdays (ie. 30th June and the 7th July).

Yes, that’s right ! – We (BOHIS & MERCIAN) are giving up 2 weekend Saturdays so that you don’t have to have a day off work.

We’ve already discovered Saxon pottery from the 1st (of 2) trenches and it has been dated to 850 – 1066AD. MERCIAN’s finds expert, David Budge is putting it under the microscope to narrow that date range.

So getting down there for an hour should be more than achievable and worthwhile.

It’s YOUR project and it really would be great if you took the trouble to support it by turning up.

We’ve also had all the LIDAR data delivered and Andy Gaunt (of MERCIAN) has reviewed the area around the Castle. Please see the 2 pictures below. We’ve had the best quality LIDAR performed and we think it shows via the definition quality.


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