Our 16th Meeting & A.G.M. – Friday 10th December (7:30pm)

Our 16th Meeting & A.G.M. – Friday 10th December (7:30pm)

Dear All,

Our 16th Meeting & A.G.M. is on Friday 10th December (7:30pm) at Cuckney Village Hall.

Entry is free and refreshments, sensible chair spacing plus hand sanitiser are available.

Our Guest Speaker is Rachel Parsons (of Retford Ghost Hunters) who will be revealing her detailed thoughts on whether the Battle of Hatfield really did take place in the area around Cuckney.

For the full meeting agenda please see the Flyer for the meeting which will be hand delivered in the next few days.

As we are reimbursing Rachel for her talk (and to cover the cost of her 2 prior visits plus 1 planned for the future), it would be fantastic if supporters made a voluntary donation at the meeting (suggested £5 per person) but we will not be approaching individuals for donations.

At the end of the meeting, please pay your Annual Membership for 2022 (£10) if possible – it really makes a crucial difference.

Alternatively, please send a message via our web site if you can’t make the meeting but would like to pay your Annual Membership.

Look forward to seeing you,

From All at the Battle of Hatfield Investigation Society


  1. A story, not relating to the Battle of Hatfield but the P.O.W camp 174 at Cuckney on the Welbeck estate. Notts.
    My wife’s parents living at both Welbeck and Warsop during and after the war befriended a prisoner by the Name C Erich Leverkus. They took him into their home and made him welcome. Their friendship lasted throughout the war and afterwards right up to his death. They exchanged letters frequently and visited him at his home in Hamburg in 1981
    Upon his repatriation he studied and went into business and eventually amongst his many other achievements became a the owner of his own banking company.
    I have in my possession a folder put together by Erich relating to his class group of 25. It is dated May 1973. It contains letters sent to Erich from former inmates now located as far away as Chile, South America. I am willing to and bring it to your next annual meeting for you perusal if you are interested.

    Kevan Wilkinson
  2. I would add that Erich’s ancestor was the founder of the City of Leverkusen, also that their visit to Hamburg was reported in the ‘Hamburger Abendblatt’ National press.
    I have copies of the newspaper.
    Regards Kevan Wilkinson.

    Kevan Wilkinson
    1. Dear Kevan,

      I’m sorry that I didn’t see your comments (nearly a year ago), I’m sure I used to get an email if someone sent a comment – so I’ve asked someone to look into that. Our next annual meeting has been deferred until early March 2023 (probably) as we are busy Field walking and Metal Detecting presently. Watch the Blog page or sign up to our Facebook site for auto notification.

      It would be great if you could bring the documents as you never know about a follow up. THE POW book is online (under Projects, HLF project 2018) and you will see that we only have 1 picture and little information about the 1973 re-union.

      Apologies for not getting back much sooner.

      Regards and Thanks,

      Paul Jameson

      Paul Jameson

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