Visit by Wirral Archaeology Group (“WAG”) – Their Experiences in Possibly Uncovering Artefacts from The Battle of Brunanburh (937 AD)

Visit by Wirral Archaeology Group (“WAG”) – Their Experiences in Possibly Uncovering Artefacts from The Battle of Brunanburh (937 AD)

Dear Supporters,

We’re delighted that the Wirral Archaeology Group (“WAG”) are visiting us on the 29th February.

They will discuss their experiences in discovering some 40 items (to date) that may relate to the 937 AD, “Battle of Brunanburh” and showcase some of these finds.

We’ve booked Cuckney Cricket Club (Pavilion) (NG20 9NG) between 8:30am – 6:30pm.

WAG propose to be here about 10am (ish), so to allow for a small journey delay and a brief chance to enjoy some deserved refreshments, we propose that BOHIS supporters arrive not before 10:45am but not after 11am.

If you are intending to come then can you please let us know by close of Sunday 25th February, especially if you are staying for lunch – as we need to cater for it.

By e-mail to :

By text to : 07305 362568

Please Note : You do not have to attend all of the Agenda items proposed below – it’s “pick ‘n’ mix” to fit in with your schedule.

AGENDA (Flexible)

Times are approximate :

11am – BOHIS to briefly introduce WAG

11:05am – WAG presentation, “Finds That May Relate to the Battle of Brunanburh” (or similar title) – ie. specifically relating to the 40 or so finds that may relate directly to that 937 AD battle.

I have requested that WAG add some detail into why they chose their particular field(s) for detecting – ie. the pre intelligence that helped and how the finds are being analysed etc..

11:35am – Brunanburh Finds Showcase / chance to meet and greet WAG and see some of these c.40 finds – in conjunction with a brief tea or coffee

12:00 noon – Lunch – a selection of rolls (some will be Vegetarian) and other snacks / coffee/tea & individual discussions

12:45pm – “Into the fields” – a drive down very near to the fields we are currently detecting in – perhaps a little detecting or just reviewing the landscape.

Please bring your Wellington boots if you want to participate in this agenda item.

1:45pm – An external walk around St.Mary’s church, Cuckney to explain where the 3 or 4 mass burial pits where some 200 skeletons were discovered in 1950/1 and to review the re-interment sites. The church may be unlocked but we cannot guarantee a viewing of the interior of St. Mary’s.

2:45pm to c. 3:30pm – Conclusion – Return to cricket club for tea/coffee / informal discussion & ‘final fond farewell’.


Paul Jameson

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