Review of Recent and Planned Activities

Review of Recent and Planned Activities

Dear All,

We have recently been busy in a number of areas.

1. MERCIAN Final Report of 2018-20 Objects

MERCIAN (archaeologists) are currently updating the Excel spreadsheet (previously provided to Welbeck – with c. 2,000 items) – to reflect all of the other finds from 2018 – 2020. They will also provide the Final Report. The report, spreadsheet and the return of the items are scheduled to be received by BOHIS / Welbeck by 14/9/24.

2. New Loan Permissions for PAS and Professor HardingSought on 22/4/24

A couple of parties are seeking to loan artefacts discovered during the 2022-24 time period and BOHIS requested Welbeck permission (on 22nd April) to do so.

 a/ Meghan King from the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) is keen to document and then record all 2022-24 items on their website ( – she has agreed that they will be returned to BOHIS by 31/12/24.

b/ Professor Stephen Harding (Nottingham University) was recently introduced to us as part of the Wirral Archaeology Group visit to Cuckney Cricket Club on 29/2/24.

He would like to isotope test a few items that would certainly include the potential sword pommel, the mysterious piece that appears to depict a raven and a potential arrow head.

Meghan King would have to be passed these few items after Professor Harding had finished his analysis but they would also be returned by Meghan to BOHIS by 31/12/24.

3. Potential for Further Thoresby Estate Contact

There has been a further offer to provide an entree to the owner(s) of the Thoresby Estate to  enquire if they have anything of interest. For example, there is a burial mound (that is recorded as a Scheduled Monument) and there may be academic material etc.. .

We had previously been in contact with Alice Dugdale, who kindly contacted me on 16/2/24 saying that she did not believe that Thoresby had anything of any interest.

We replied, enquiring about access to the Thoresby burial mound but have not yet received a reply from her about this matter.

4. Further Detecting Permissions / Investigation areas to be Sought Tomorrow (6th May) – to last  Until 30/4/25.

 We’ve just received 2nd line permission from a farmer to detect in 3 fields – plus 1 other area – We now need to ask Welbeck Estates for permission.

a/ One of the 3 fields may contain a burial mound (this does not have Scheduled Monument status) – but it is unavailable until c. Nov 24.

b/ and c/ The other 2 fields are on the right hand side (together) as you depart Cuckney towards Warsop.

The nearest of the 2 fields to Cuckney will be available in Aug 24, the other in Feb 25.

d/ We will also request a small area adjacent to St. Mary’s church, Cuckney (that will be a direct request to Welbeck, no farmer permission required).

e/ As part of tomorrow’s request we will also ask Welbeck for access to other land to perform preliminary investigations aimed at pinpointing the Kings Stand area.

We will attempt to involve the Battlefields Trust and Dr. Richard Leese  (Conflict Archaeology Researcher and Consultant) in these activities having already made contact with some members (Sam Wilson, Simon Marsh and Kevin Winter) and discussed our future direction.

5. Article for Autumn edition of Battlefield Magazine – Completed

Having previously supplied an article for the Autumn 2017 edition, I have just completed a c. 3,700 word update for Battlefield magazine. This will be sent to Chris May (Editorial team) tomorrow. Don’t worry, there are also a few accompanying pictures.


I hope that you agree that there’s quite a lot of activity there and I’ll let you know of any progress and further operational activity as soon as possible.



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