Dear Supporters,

Our Next Events are 2 “Drop In” days of “POW Camps .. Community Memories … Workshops” … Thursday 21st & Sunday 24th June.

Each day will be 9:30am to 4pm but feel free to attend at any time that suits you.

This is your chance to take part in 2 interactive workshops and both learn & share your experiences about Norton & Carburton POW Camps.

All of this information will then form part of our dedicated POW Camps publications (300 copies will be FREELY distributed in about October 2018).

We’ve already got a lot of information from local historian, Robert Ilett and a lovely picture (below) from Astrid Hansen depicting a captured German sculptors work at Norton Camp.

It’s a great way to preserve these memories for future generations !

So come along and make the most of these events.


From All The Team


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