Castle Trenching Day 12 – Working Saturday – tomorrow

Castle Trenching Day 12 – Working Saturday – tomorrow

Dear All,

Yes we realise that England are playing at the unfeasibly early hour of 3pm tomorrow which puts the likelihood of some visits to us in jeopardy !

We may start and finish slightly earlier in order to watch the match ourselves but you can come on site between 10am and 2:30pm to see what is going on and what has been found (including many broken pieces of Medieval pottery).

Whether this is from the anarchy period (1135 – 54) (& hence likely from Cuckney Castle) will be determined before you get here.

Please come to the Village Hall first.

The hall may be administered but if there is no one there then please follow the signs pointing you in the direction of where we are working.

If there are any problems or issues, please ring us on 07894 297206.


From All


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