Dear All,

Sorry for the short notice, but BOHIS will be conducting a tour of St. Mary’s, Cuckney (inside and outside) and surrounding fields (time permitting) at 2pm this Saturday 6th April for the ‘Pilgrims and Prophets’ group. We will also be discussing the status of our project.

There will be 39 attending from their group and their coach will need somewhere to park, so can I ask that you park in the Village Hall Car Park as the coach will not be able to access it and will need to park on the road at the side of the Greendale Oak Public House.

Further, we will have the use of the toilets at the Village Hall between 1:30pm – 4pm.

If anyone who attended our “Warriors .. ” HLF events between May and November 2018 intends to come to pick up a FREE copy of the POW book then please contact me asap and I will bring some copies. Please note, these are only FREE to those who attended those events.



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