Our 13th Meeting – Friday 12th July @ 7:30pm

Our 13th Meeting – Friday 12th July @ 7:30pm

Dear All,

We will be holding our 13th meeting at Cuckney Village Hall on Friday 12th July @ 7:30pm.

We will have officially completed our HLF project “Warriors Through The Landscape” by 30th June.

We will be reviewing the results of our 2018 “Warriors ..” project and will be able to distribute our General Community Book, “Explain The Terrain” which is free to anyone who attended the events between May & Nov 2018, otherwise £10 per copy.
We will also bring some POW books where the same rule applies, otherwise £6 per book.
We will also be discussing our one and a half hour meeting with the County Archaeologist, Ursilla Spence in early April and what this might mean regarding another Faculty Request – but this time possibly moving to “Preference 2” – bodies still in situ (not removed in 1950/1 from the, “3 to 4 mass burial pits”).

For full details click this link :

July 12th 2019 Meeting Agenda (16 06 19)




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