Operational (ONLY) Meeting on Friday 28th October

Operational (ONLY) Meeting on Friday 28th October

Dear Supporters,

At our meeting of 23rd Sep. we identified the need for an OPERATIONAL ONLY meeting to cover how we intend to work with volunteer Field walkers and Metal detectorists, specifically between Nov. 2022 & Mar. 2023.

Note that the A.G.M. will take place (separately) as normal at a date to be identified within December 2022.


This OPERATIONAL ONLY meeting is on Friday 28th October at Cuckney Village Hall at 7:30pm to review methods of working and recording and the Treasure Act (1996).

Please note that there will be no Tea or Coffee provided at this meeting and that we will try to keep it as brief as possible.


However, supporters who do not intend to participate in Fieldwalking or Metal Detecting are very welcome to attend.


Scope of Operations – Nov. 2022 – Mar. 2023

We are allowed to cover 4 fields (out of the 6) between Nov. 2022 and Mar. 2023 (4 months) – hence approx. 1 field per month.

Note : In 2020 we covered other similar sized fields in c. 4 days each. Hence we have plenty of time to cover each field.



Welbeck Estates Permission Letter – the bullet points

It is intended to give operational supporters a copy off this letter, both to remind what has been allowed and for proof if challenged by a Welbeck Estates keeper.


Operational Supporters – Who Can Take Part ?

Field walkers – we intend to limit participation to those who have attended any previous meetings or taken part in our 2015 or 2018 HLF (Heritage Lottery) work


Metal Detectorists – we intend to strictly limit these to :

Chesterfield Metal Detecting Club (CMDC) – possibly 10 persons

In house BOHIS detectorists – possibly 2 persons

The 4 people who attended our 17th Meeting who expressed an interest in taking part

Anyone else that I have unfairly failed to identify – for example we did enjoy the support of Warsop MDC during our 2018 HLF work but have not been in contact since – largely due to COVID.

This is because we need to protect ourselves from those that might wish to join in with ulterior motives.

As advance warning to potential metal detectorists, we will expect all to have purchased Public Liability Insurance.

This costs c. £7 and if anyone would like details on how to purchase then please contact me via email, our website or our Facebook page.

I’ve just got mine for £7 thanks to the help of CMDC.

These insurances are for individuals (and run for a Calendar Year – so we will all need to repurchase in advance for 2023 metal detecting). They cover for accidental damage up to £1 million pounds (eg. you may hit an old water pipe etc .. although this is unlikely).


As we have initially decided to start operations on Sunday 13th November, you will need Public Liability Insurance by that date.

You will also need to show BOHIS proof that you have purchased this insurance.



Topics For Discussion & Understanding – The Treasure Act 1996 – A Brief Overview

A Discussion about what constitutes ‘Treasure’ and BOHIS responsibility to report it to the Finds Liaison Officer for Notts. and Derbys. – Meghan King


Topics For Discussion & Resolution – METAL DETECTORISTS & FIELD WALKERS

1/ GPS usage – ‘What Three Words’ / other methods

2/ Bagging of Finds by individuals – each person to have unique identifier (perhaps 2 initials) which will be written on each bag with a finds number attached to it. Eg. Paul Smith might be PS1, PS2 etc.. – plus the GPS idenitifer for each find separately written on each bag.

3/ Flags – Thanks to the extremely reliable Bob Howlett we have about 500 metal flags. All finds to be left at flag

4/ All finds to be collected in by the end of each day and retained by BOHIS.


Intended Facilities / Daily Sign In at Village Hall

We have briefly discussed the hiring of Cuckney Village Hall on a daily operational basis but this needs confirming.

This will be for toilets, coffee & tea making (plus biscuits) facilities (to be provided by BOHIS) & somewhere to consume your lunch if required.

Suggest that we sign in by 8:45am each (operational day) and have a coffee before driving down to the relevant Fields together.

Parking will be available at the entrance to one of the fields – very close to our operations.



I’m sure I haven’t covered everything or that I’ve suggested something that others want to discuss further – this meeting is to firm up those details.





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