Field Walking and Detecting – Sunday 8th January

Field Walking and Detecting – Sunday 8th January

Dear Field Walkers and Metal Detectorists,

We will continue Field walking and Metal Detecting this Sunday 8th January.

The weather forecast for Sunday is currently ok (Light Cloud, 20% chance of rain, 8 degrees).

Sunday the 8th January has been confirmed with the Village Hall committee, hence we have the use of the Village Hall.

We will be continuing in Field 2 and Field 3 (it’s your choice). Field 3 is currently about 50% detected.

Each operational day you can meet me at the Village Hall (opens at about 8:30am) and go down together about 9:15am.


You can go directly to site – park in the designated area (please park on the hard standing area ONLY – NOT on the grass.

Please don’t start detecting or Field walking until I or another member of BOHIS arrives.

Regards and Thanks very much for your help,

Paul Jameson

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