Thank You and Renewal Reminder

Thank You and Renewal Reminder

Dear Metal Detectorists Involved in our Recent activity Only,

Firstly, thanks very much to those that have taken part so far (including Fieldwalkers).

We began Metal detecting & Fieldwalking on 12th November and counting Sunday’s (11th December) latest foray, we have completed 8 days.

That’s about 6 hours per day * an average 11.75 detectorists per day * 8 (days) = approx. 564 hours of FREE effort, which is magnificent.

Can I just point out that Metal Detectorists will soon need to renew their Public Liability Insurance (for 2023), this costs about £7.

Sorry but I will need to see evidence of this before operations begin in 2023, I will be renewing mine also !

Regards & Thank You,

Paul Jameson

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