Dear All,

As told to our meeting on May 19th, having received initial support from the PCC on Feb . 21st for an application for a Faculty to the Diocese for a 1 pit analysis, we were then dismayed in March to be turned down for HLF funding re. invasive skeletal examinations at St. Mary’s, Cuckney.

However, we promised (and were encouraged by the HLF) to submit another bid to the HLF by 21st June but this has now slipped to 21st August but is guaranteed to happen by then !

It will be for c. £60,000.

The components of this will be :-

• Cuckney Castle (invasive work – trial trenches)

• Norton & Carburton POW Camps – including on site work

• Selected fields on the other side of the River Poulter

Supported by :

• Terrain analysis


As a necessary prelude to the new bid, having had our initial Project Enquiry (1,000 word web form) accepted, Jennie & I are attending an HLF “Small Grants Workshop” on Friday 14th July.

This will then immediately enable us to start filling in the 6,000 word “Our Heritage” Grant form.

We should then find out in about 6 weeks (early October) whether this has been successful.

Due to the planning that will then need to take place (competitive tendering etc..) & with winter approaching it may be Mar 18 before this work takes place.

It’s worth reflecting that the LIDAR will be a useful tool in pinpointing elements that could also have ramifications for the Battle of Hatfield related topics.

In parallel, we have submitted a professional private funding bid for £150,000 to a local company, who have already reviewed this.

It has not been turned down.

However, they will not be in a position to give a definitive answer until approximately the end of August 2017.

This would be to cover invasive work (ie. digging) at St. Mary’s re. skeletons that may be from the Battle of Hatfield (if we have been awarded the faculty).

It is also for invasive work at St. Edwin’s Chapel (that may have been the temporary resting place of Edwin’s (headless) body from c. 632AD to a max. of c. 715 AD).

It would be marvellous if this was in the affirmative and we hope it would enable the PCC Faculty Request to be made soon afterwards.

Your suggestions are also very welcome.


Paul Jameson

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