Dear All,

We are now beginning the “ground work” in preparation for another HLF bid re. an exciting Phase 2.

As part of this, BOHIS have secured a meeting at St. Mary’s Cuckney with both of the Diocese of Southwell archaeological advisors – on Monday 25th July @ 11:30am.

This is with a view to the potential granting of permissions (via another Faculty).

 Archaeology Leader at Nottinghamshire County Council, Ursilla Spence, will also be present.

The first part of the meeting will be a tour of the potential invasive sites re. the (possible) Battle of Hatfield skeletons. This will be more of a “listening brief” for those in attendance.

In my opinion, there are 4 main reinterment areas and an area along the nave area up to 10 feet outside the church that represents bodies not displaced during the subsidence operations of 1950/51.


For the 2nd part of the meeting, Ursilla expressed a wish for as many members of BOHIS / Community to be involved as possible, and I am sure she would love to hear your opinions about any future project.

Your attendance and enthusiasm will reflect well on the project so I urge you to attend if you are available.


You should note that Ursilla will want to hear your opinions about what the whole project should represent (not just the Battle of Hatfield component).

For example, BOHIS / MERCIAN would suggest that our Phase 2 should include an invasive (ie. digging) search for the Castle.

Another possible component could be to include an invasive search for St. Edwin’s Chapel near Edwinstowe.

Our archaeological partners, MERCIAN, completed some work there in 2014 and discovered many interesting things, including what may be the footings of the Chapel.

MERCIAN also noted some faded wall paintings inside St. Mary’s which may be uncovered and brought back to life. Could this be the start of a children’s painting competition ?


As per Phase 1 (non invasive), BOHIS intend to be fully Community participatory in Phase 2 (for example another online Survey via SurveyMonkey etc..) & this has been informally endorsed as an approach by the HLF.


We really hope to see you there next Monday.


Paul Jameson

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