Our next & 15th Meeting – Friday 22nd October 2021 @ 7:30pm

Our next & 15th Meeting – Friday 22nd October 2021 @ 7:30pm

Dear All,

It’s been a long time since our last meeting in December 2019 but we have continued to be busy with a variety of events, including our Fieldwalking and Metal Detecting in 5 fields in the Cuckney vicinity in Feb. and Mar. 2020.

We will be revealing our, “Top 10” finds, thanks to Mercian’s David Budge and he will also be working to deliver a full Finds Report in late Dec. 21 or early Jan. 2022, which will then be presented to the Welbeck Estates Company Limited.

Subject to further permissions from Welbeck, we are hoping to start further Field walking and Metal Detecting, the window for such activities being Nov. 21 and mid Mar. 22.

We also met a ‘sensitive’ lady called Rachel Parsons (of Retford Ghost Hunters) on the 8/9/20 and again in September 21 and she revealed many exciting insights that will form part of the presentation, “Searching For The Plain of Haethfelth”.

Whilst we retain our usual open mind and realise that Rachel’s findings in no way constitute ‘proof’, yet if it helps us in our quest then it may yet be welcomed.

There are many other items to discuss, so please come along and support the project, which has been operational since late Feb. 2013 (yes, eight and a half years !).

The meeting is on Friday 22nd October @ 7:30pm at Cuckney Village Hall and entrance is FREE.

Note that we will be liberally spacing the chairs and hand sanitiser will be available.

There will also be responsibly distributed FREE refreshments afterwards (Tea, Coffee and biscuits) and this will also give you an opportunity to ask any searching and detailed questions.


The full 2 page agenda is displayed below.


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