LIDAR & Ground Truthing of POW Carburton Camp – this Thursday & Friday 20th & 21st Sept.

LIDAR & Ground Truthing of POW Carburton Camp – this Thursday & Friday 20th & 21st Sept.

Dear All,

As part of our LIDAR “Ground Truthing”, we have kindly been given permission to go on site to the former POW Carburton Camp on the 20th & 21st September.

Meet at the Village Hall at 9:30am each day probably for a brief review of the LIDAR evidence using the projector and then we’ll make our way on site to do some, “Ground Truthing” – i.e.. examination of the evidence provided by the LIDAR.

Note : As there are security codes needed to make your way on site it is best that we go was a group via Cuckney Village Hall.

If you are late then please phone Paul Jameson on 07305 362568.


From All The Team


A Picture from the 1995 POW Reunion – A Walk Around Norton Camp


  1. Hi there I’m just reading your interesting website. I live near Hatfield Doncaster. I’m intrigued to know how things are progressing there. Where can I find a current update and/or progress report? Thank you.

    H Webster
    1. Hi,

      Whilst we’ve not found definitive evidence of Cuckney castle we have found many Saxon artefacts (pot etc.. – NOT battle related) dating back to the 7th Century.

      We’d of course like to have found military artefacts relating to the Battle (as a sideline in digging 2 Castle related trenches) but that was always going to be a long shot as that was not what the HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) were funding.

      We are going to hold a final “Roundup Day” (probably in November) & we will have our AGM in Nov also.

      Since we located the reinterments & those still in situ in Nov 2015 then we put a Faculty Request in to the Diocese for invasive work in the church yard, which was informally turned down.

      We have very recently sought advice about this which will mean putting a new Faculty Request together soon.

      Any information you have would be welcome. We have sought out contrary evidence but not come across any.

      For example, St. Lawrence’s Church in Hatfield (Doncaster) was said to once hold armour (now at the Royal Armouries in Leeds) relating to the Battle of Hatfield.
      We followed this up with St. Lawrence’s & the Royal Armouries & both confirmed that it was from 1500 AD and afterwards.
      We have an open mind but 200 bodies in 3 to 4 mass burial pits, all with their feet pointing East & supposedly the bodies of young men with perfect sets of teeth is tantalising (yet – not evidence until we get to prove or disprove it via Faculty & invasive search).
      Thanks for your interest.

      Paul Jameson

      Paul Jameson

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