Fieldwalking & Metal Detecting – Sunday 28th Jan.

Fieldwalking & Metal Detecting – Sunday 28th Jan.

Dear Field Walkers and Metal Detectorists,

We will continue Field walking and Metal Detecting tomorrow (Sunday) 28th January 2024.

We will continue detecting in – Field 5 as to date we have only spent 1 day in that field.

 We’ve probably only got until c. 10th March 2024 to complete our search of the 6 fields.

The weather forecast is quite good.

Toilet facilities will be available.

Please go directly to site – park in the designated area (please park on the hard standing area ONLY – NOT on the grass.

We will start detecting at 9:30am as usual.

Please don’t start detecting or Field walking until I or another member of BOHIS arrives.

Regards and Thanks again for all your help,

Paul Jameson

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