Extra Days : Tues 4th & Wednesday 5th Sept –  Finds Processing

Extra Days : Tues 4th & Wednesday 5th Sept – Finds Processing

Dear All,

Mercian (archaeologists) have offered another 2 days for Finds Processing next week – on Tues. 4th & Weds. 5th September.

Registration will be at 9:30am , start at 10am each day.

David Budge of Mercian will facilitate and says :

“The primary focus of the sessions will be finds washing. As simply immersing fragile artefacts such as iron and low fired pottery in water can destroy them, attendees will be given training in what can and cannot be washed and will be shown the proper techniques and methodology for washing to avoid causing damage to the finds.

There may also be the chance for attendees to try their hand at marking finds. This entails writing the site code and context number onto each find using a mapping pen and ink. Again, full instruction will be provided.

If enough finds are washed and dried there may be the opportunity on the second day for attendees to have a go at identifying, counting, weighing and then recording of some of the pot boiler stones from the excavation. Availability of this activity will, however, be dependant on how much progress is made in washing the finds on the first day and how quickly they dry.”

So please come along and help with the many finds including mid Saxon pottery.


From All


Below : Some of the many finds from 1 of the 2 pits

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