EVENT CANCELLATION – “Ground Truthing” – 29th to 31st May

EVENT CANCELLATION – “Ground Truthing” – 29th to 31st May

Dear Supporters,

We’re sorry but this event due to take place between the 29th – 31st May has had to be CANCELLED.
This is because the LIDAR data was not delivered as quickly as requested.
This means that we cannot yet follow up the clues provided by the LIDAR.
However, the good news is that LIDAR was performed on the 22nd May & we will receive the data imminently, so there will only be a short delay.

What Will Soon Happen is …
After the LIDAR (plane photography) results have been examined by Mercian (archaeologists)  then “Ground Truthing” (examining those clues more closely by walking the landscape etc.. ) can take place.


From All The Team

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