Dear All,

We will be having a Christmas catch up at the Greendale Oak, Cuckney on Thursday 27th December at 7pm.

For those that couldn’t make it to the AGM on the 28th November, this might be a good way of catching up with our HLF “Warriors Through The Landscape” progress and to hear about our aims for another faculty request in 2019.

We hope to see you there – we will guarantee to be there until 9pm at least, so if anyone turns up a little late you will not arrive for nothing !




    1. Hi Astrid,Yes, very timely indeed as I’ve just send a couple of minor final amendments off.
      When I get the pdf version back I will send you a link to a utility called WeTransfer (as it’s about 85mb so too big to attach to a mail).

      We think it is fine but I’d like you to give it a quick once over to see if you are happy..
      I really intend to get the final pdf to the printers in worksop this week & would love to have it printed in the next couple of weeks (300 copies).



      07305 362568

      Paul Jameson

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