Battle of Hatfield Investigation Society

A 7th Meeting will be held at

Cuckney Village Hall on

Friday 13th May 2016 @ 7:30pm

Admission is free


1. Phase 1 (Non Invasive) … Official End was 31st March …

• Still awaiting final sign off and final 10% of Grant (£1,324)


 a/ Funding for Phase 2 (Invasive) #1 – Solarcentury Community Fund – Bid Successful

• Bid was for (max.) allowable £10,000. Bid closed Dec 15. Notified in Feb 16 that we would receive £4,000.

b/ Getting The Most Out Of The Media

• We would like to use the media to create an irresistible momentum for further funding …

• Talk on April 14th to about 40 members of Southwell Community Archaeology Group

• Interview with Kev. Rogers of the CHAD on 4th May … article should make following weeks edition 

c/ Obtaining Permissions

• P.C.C. – informal 3 hour meeting on 22nd April with Rev. Simon Cash (Priest-In-Charge of St. Mary’s)

• Diocese of Southwell – contact made with their archaeological advisors ( Dr. Chris Brooke and Dr. Mike Hawkes) – meeting being arranged

• Welbeck Estates – 2nd meeting with Tom Cooper imminent – need to ratify existing invasive agreement

• New Letter to Dr. Glenn Foard to support the sending of Community Book

3. Future Funding Options

• The pros and cons of continuing our relationship with HLF

• Alternative sources of funding

4. Presentation – What Was Discovered at St. Mary’s and abutting fields in November 2015 ?

• A small diagrammatic representation and talk about some exciting finds ….

  5. The SCOPE of a Future Phase 2 – Which Subjects To Include in Phase 2 – Your Ideas – via SURVEY MONKEY and hardcopy questionnaires

• Getting future HLF funding will mean that we need to offer another umbrella of events & seeking your opinions, for example :

• 1/ Dating skeletal remains from St. Mary’s that may relate to the Battle of Hatfield

• 2/ Finding Cuckney Castle

• 3/ At least 1 more major subject

6. Vice Chair still required – are you interested ?

  1. • This position has been vacant since last May – are you the person to help the project on an occasional basis … eg. would you like to help us search out alternative sources of funding ?

 7. Your questions

8. Summary

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