Dear All,

To pay for our recent & continuing Fieldwork in Cuckney we needed a further £1,000 in order to fully settle our liabilities with our archaeological provider, MERCIAN. It should be realised that MERCIAN are asking for substantially less than their going rate for their endeavours and that 3 members have been / will be on site for all of the planned days.

We are doing this work to try to discover battle (of Hatfield) related artefacts that might re-activate the possibility of invasive work at St. Mary’s, Cuckney.

This work is entirely self funded by BOHIS and further, subsidised by the excellent, MERCIAN.

Currently, we have only raised £290 towards the £1,000 and therefore need the balance to be forthcoming by the end of March. If anyone would like to pledge funds, please contact me by either using the website facility or by sending me an email.

Thanks for your support.


Paul Jameson



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