Anglo Saxon Sword Pommel and possible Arrow Head

Anglo Saxon Sword Pommel and possible Arrow Head


Dear Supporters,

By popular demand, here is a picture the Anglo Saxon (A-S) Sword Pommel that was discovered in, ‘Cukeney upon Hattefeild’ in early 2023.

This has been examined by Professor Mark Horton (who said that he thought it was of A-S origin) and by MERCIAN CIC (our archaeological provider).

MERCIAN’s expert David Budge said that the pommel was an alloy containing zinc and asked us to research whether zinc could be applicable to A-S alloys.

It was – research suggests that the Anglo-Saxons used between 5-10% zinc as part of their alloys.

We hope to find other artefacts and indeed we may also have also discovered an A-S arrowhead in the same vicinity, again in early 2023.

We continue detecting and field walking this Sunday 3rd December.

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